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Hello, my name is Nick Kinn, my wife Jane and I have been leading the Evangelism ministry at Living Word Christian Center since 1986. Since the beginning of this ministry, we have seen over 1,240,000 souls give their hearts to Jesus Christ! To God be all of the glory!  This has only been accomplished through the faithfulness of the laborers from Living Word! We thank the Lord for all of the on fire people that He  has entrusted to us. We only need 760,000 more souls to achieve  2,000,000 souls for the kingdom of God. We have ministered at over 135 churches throughout the United States and in 26 different countries. Teaching, and training the average believer the basic principles for sharing Christ more effectively. God has given us a way to touch the entire world with the gospel.

We do weekly outreaches to the greater Twin Cities area and also do City blitzes to other parts of the United States. The Lord is adding to the body of Christ daily, such as should be saved. He is also teaching the body of Christ, how to win the lost and dying humanity. The word of God tells us, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” We have a vision for the world to come into the saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

TV Interview on A Fresh New Day

A Fresh New Day TV with producer, writer, host Anita Wardlaw, Missions & Miracles, interview with Pastor Nick Kinn. Copyright 2012. You may visit Anita’s websites and blog at,, and You may contact Pastor Nick Kinn at

The missions scenes in the first segment were taken from Pastor Nick Kinn’s photo collection. You also may view A Fresh New Day with Anita TV Show at, channel 14.

Part 1


Part 2

Order the DVD:“Have You Heardthe Good News?”
by Nick Kinn Go to the Products Page
to order this and all of Pastor Nick’s materials.
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